Drugs and Deforestation

What happens when it becomes more costly to conduct narcotics-trafficking operations in Mexico due to a government crackdown? A new report says that drug smuggling in Central America is rapidly increasing rates of deforestation. Remote forests in Honduras and Guatemala … Continue reading

2014 Farm Bill: Nearing Completion

Late Monday evening (Jan 27) the conference committee of the U.S. House of Representative and the Senate finalized the Agricultural Act of 2014 putting the new farm bill on its path to approval. The House passed the bill today (Jan … Continue reading

Cattle Market Notes: Week Ending Jan 24, 2014

For Livestock Prices and Production Information CLICK HERE. Cash Cattle: Cash cattle and beef prices remain on their upward trajection. The five-area fed steer price ended Friday at $148.75 and $238.86, respectively for live and dressed, up $6.36 and $11.59 compared … Continue reading

January Cattle on Feed Report Recap

The United States Department of Agriculture Released their monthly Cattle on Feed report Friday afternoon (Jan 24).The report revealed that 10.593 million head of cattle were in feedlots with 1,000 head or larger capacity on January 1, 2014, down 5.4% … Continue reading

Is beef production as inefficient as some lead us to believe?

A recent article in The Economist takes a look at livestock and meat production from an environmental point of view. One of the conclusions that the article makes is that cattle need to be managed more intensively and feed should … Continue reading

The Cheapest Way to Skin a Cat

BBC News reports on a study arguing that pollution targets in the European Union are not strict enough: A study confirming a link between atmospheric pollution and heart-attack risk strengthens the EU case for tougher clean-air targets, experts say. Research in … Continue reading

Cattle Market Notes: Week Ending Jan 17, 2014

For Livestock Prices and Production Information CLICK HERE. Cash Cattle: The hot streak continues for cattle and beef prices. The five-area fed steer price ended Friday at $142.39 and $227.27, respectively for live and dressed, up $2.91 and $5.79 compared … Continue reading

MS State Economist Projects Continued Growth

Dr. Darrin Webb, Mississippi State Economist and MSU Agricultural Economics alumnus, presented the 2014 Legislative Economic Briefing on January 14. This briefing provided some welcome highlights to the economic situation for the state. In short, the Mississippi economy is growing, … Continue reading

Grain Market Update: January 17, 2014

It has been a slow news week for most commodities following last Friday’s WASDE report. Corn futures have slowly declined over the course of the week after jumping 20 cents in response to last Friday’s WASDE report. Early acreage estimates … Continue reading

Economic development through the lens of an environmental economist

From the NY Times, a natural gas company in New Jersey that proposed constructing a pipeline through the protected Pinelands, has had its proposal rejected. The decision dealt a defeat to Gov.Chris Christie, whose administration vigorously lobbied for the pipeline, … Continue reading