Projected Prices for Crop Insurance Are Sharply Lower for 2014

Recently released prices that are used by the Risk Management Agency of USDA to establish crop insurance protection levels for major crops in Mississippi are sharply lower for the coming crop year. Projected prices for conventional rice production are 11.5% … Continue reading

Lemurs: fierce, friendly, ninjas?

My favorite part of this article is the three lemur photos. You do not want to mess with that first lemur! But the second lemur looks like someone you might feel comfortable taking home to meet your mother. The third … Continue reading

Cotton Market Update

The holiday shortened week was active with futures starting out on Tuesday up roughly 40 points across 2014 contract months, then fell hard on Wednesday before rebounding a bit on Friday. A stronger U.S. dollar has dampened export sales, the … Continue reading

Cattle Market Notes: Week Ending Feb 21, 2014

Cash Cattle: Cash cattle and beef prices improved. The five-area live fed steer price ended Friday at $142, up 1 cent per hundredweight from last Friday, while dressed steers were at $230, up $7. In the Texas Panhandle and Southwest … Continue reading

February Cattle on Feed Report Recap

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service released their monthly Cattle on Feed report Friday (Feb 21). The report revealed that 10.760 million head of cattle were in feedlots with a capacity of 1,000 head or more on February 1, 2014. This … Continue reading

What valuation economists are up to these days…

Yesterday, a departmental research associate, Joonghyun Hwang, and I traveled to Orange Beach, AL for an annual meeting of economists who specialize in non-market valuation, which is the process of estimating the dollar value of environmental things that aren’t generally … Continue reading

USDA Forum Begins to Shape 2014 Crop Outlook

After a couple weeks of slow news for the crop markets, the outlook for the 2014 crop is beginning to take shape. The USDA released the weekly export sales report this morning, with corn exports falling around 691,400 metric tons. … Continue reading

Growth in Overall Farm Wealth Expected to Slow in 2014

The latest forecast from the USDA Economic Research Service predicts a slowdown in the growth of overall farm wealth in 2014.¬† Expectations are that overall farm debt will increase 2.3% while farm assets are expected to rise 2.4% yielding a … Continue reading

Cattle Market Notes: Week Ending Feb 14, 2014

Cash Cattle: Cash prices were mixed this week on limited cash sales. The five-area market price ended Friday at $141.99 and $223, respectively for live and dressed. Kansas was the only region to report any noticeable cash trade at $142 … Continue reading

Saving the Natural Monopoly on Water

From the Texas Tribune:¬†Witchita Falls, TX, along with other Texas cities, imposed an outdoor watering ban in order to conserve water during recent drought conditions. The result? Not enough revenue to cover the costs of operating and maintaining the city’s … Continue reading