Have Land Values and Cash Rents Finally Stabilized?

The Federal Reserve branch located in St. Louis representing the 8th Federal Reserve District, recently published the results of its quarterly survey on agricultural credit conditions and general financial status for the 2nd quarter of 2014. Quality Farm Land: Overall, … Continue reading

A reduction in land prices stirs thoughts of a bursting bubble

A report by agrimoney.com show that farm land values have seen their first decline in nearly 5 years falling 1% in the first quarter of 2014.  The decline was triggered by a substantial drop in grain prices at the end … Continue reading

I love a good Pareto improvement story

But then again, who doesn’t? In order to help migratory birds, rice farmers are being paid to keep their fields flooded for longer than they otherwise would: The program, called BirdReturns, starts with data from eBird, the pioneering citizen science project that … Continue reading

Agricultural Loans and Interest Rates 2014

The St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve publishes quarterly reports on financial conditions pertaining to agriculture in the 8th federal reserve district which includes the northern half of Mississippi and the Delta Region.  Surveys from around the region show … Continue reading

Growth in Overall Farm Wealth Expected to Slow in 2014

The latest forecast from the USDA Economic Research Service predicts a slowdown in the growth of overall farm wealth in 2014.  Expectations are that overall farm debt will increase 2.3% while farm assets are expected to rise 2.4% yielding a … Continue reading

Is beef production as inefficient as some lead us to believe?

A recent article in The Economist takes a look at livestock and meat production from an environmental point of view. One of the conclusions that the article makes is that cattle need to be managed more intensively and feed should … Continue reading

Cash Rental Rates

Cash rental rates have trended upward throughout Mississippi in all four geographic/soil regions while share rental rates have remained relatively constant.  However, cash rental agreements have become more common relative to share contracts as the number of share contracts have … Continue reading

The Return of Interest?

Interest rates as a percentage of annual agricultural expenses have continued to decline reaching a low of 2.4% for U.S. farms.  This marks a decrease of nearly 56% in interest’s contribution to total agricultural expenses since 2002 when, on average, … Continue reading