Happy 50th Birthday — Moore’s Law

Without getting too techie, April 19th was the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law. Not familiar with it? No worries … Moore’s law refers to a statement made by Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel (yes, the company that … Continue reading

Phoneography Series: Part III

While the definition of Phoneography slightly differs for each person, simply put, it is taking pictures with your phone. Some people take it a step further by saying Phoneography is shooting, editing, producing, and uploading multimedia content with only a … Continue reading

The Importance of Responsive Web Design: Part 1

Our world is more connected today than ever before. The Web can be accessed from all types of different devices, with even more yet to be imagined. Continue reading

Pew Internet Releases Data on Teens, Social Media, & Technology

The Pew Research Center released yesterday the results of a nationwide survey of teens ages 13 to 17 regarding technology and social media use. A couple of points worth highlighting include: One-quarter (24%) of teens reported going online “almost constantly” … Continue reading