In the News: Bonus S product recall and refund


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The following is an update about the new Scott’s Bonus S Weed and Feed. As early as March, Tim Ray, Ron Strahan at LSU, and several other counterparts along the coast had shared their concerns that the metsulfuron containing product … Continue reading

Mississippi Turfgrass Magazine


First Edition MS Turfgrass Magazine

Thanks to numerous sponsors, the Mississippi Turfgrass Association, and the MSU Extension Service, our MS Turfgrass Magazine has finally been published. There’s a lot of work involved in publishing a magazine – more than I had thought. But with continued support from current and future advertisers, this magazine can enhance the turfgrass industry in our state and beyond.

Please check out the latest online edition, and become a member of the MTA today for a print copy along with many other benefits.


Winter Kill? What Now?


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The most prominent turf species of Mississippi – bahia, bermuda, centipede, fescue, St. Augustine, and Zoysia – were all affected by the cold winter temperatures. In Tupelo, temperatures reached 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Starkville reached 8 degrees. Further south, areas near … Continue reading

Rounds 4 Research Deadline Looming April 15 – Please Act


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Golf Course Supers, Turf Professionals, Vendors, etc.. I’d like to call your attention to the upcoming April 15 sign up deadline for the Rounds 4 Research auction. This is a call to action. How it works: Golf facilities can support the effort … Continue reading

Lawn Care Operators – Application Data Management


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As Lawn Care Operators (LCO’s) you’re managing numerous properties – each somewhat different. And as part of your state’s pesticide applicator regulations, you’re responsible for keeping up with a minimum amount of information concerning every application.  So take a few … Continue reading